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If you can’t feel the emotion, the camera is too far away…

You want a great videographer who knows that angles, lighting, timing and – more importantly – a recognition of the emotion is worth more than a simple image.

These moments are fleeting – even in our minds – but the video that captures them will evoke emotions for eternity.

To experience what we mean, please enjoy some of our most recent work. But, we might recommend you grab a box of tissues…


Kind words our clients have used to describe us:


Awesome energy and a joy to work with

Michael did a great job of both keeping us calm and happy on our wedding day

Neither of us are super camera-friendly, but Michael made it easy to feel comfortable

I genuinely don’t even remember seeing him, but based on the footage, you’d have thought he was standing right beside us!

The video was VERY professional and romantic! Because it really makes you feel like you are right there, it makes us cry happy tears every time

We are Not Your Normal Cookie-Cutter Wedding Filmmaker

Simply put, we care about each client.

I offer simple solutions to a very complex day. This incredible day only happens once in a lifetime and it’s loaded with high expectations and – occasionally – stress.

Video offers a great solution to those challenges: it allows you to capture, preserve, and share the events of the day. You can share moments that have limited access, like when they are closing the buttons on the back of the bride’s dress. Or watch as the groom shares the last scotch with Grandpa as a single man before he walks down the aisle…

I get those shots. That means I participate, without intruding or influencing. Over the past two decades, I’ve learned when, how, and how much to engage. 

With 20 years of video production experience, I know how to film your wedding so that it’s personal to you. You have straightforward pick-and-go packages to choose from, with a blend of classic and modern styles. But we take a look at your specific day to create a tailor-made video.

We love what we do, and it shows in our work


Praise for Mountain Wedding Videos


Main Testimonial Quote for Michael Klekamp

“One of the main concerns we had when we decided to elope was that our families wouldn’t get to be there. Having a video of the event allowed us to do our wedding the way we wanted and still get to share what it was like for us. Michael did a great job of both keeping us calm and happy on our wedding day and making sure he got what he needed. We really appreciate the time and effort that he obviously put in to make it a one-of-a-kind video. We’re very grateful and highly recommend him.”

We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

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